Shutting down Yenom Wallet

Thank you for using Yenom. We make our decision to shut down Yenom Wallet in December 2020.

  • The Android version (1.1.10) allows you to receive and send money
  • Currently, the iOS version (1.1.7) does not allow you to receive or send money.

As both iOS and Android services will be discontinued, you can move to another company's wallet or exchange to You can withdraw your Yenom balance from your account.

Here are instructions on how to withdraw your Yenom balance.

How to get my balance out of my Yenom Wallet

For iOS users.

  1. Update Yenom application to the latest version ( iOS: 1.1.7 or later )
  2. download the Electron Cash wallet app
  3. start Yenom, click the secret key button at the bottom right of the screen and display the QR code of the secret key (*private key) The export screen for
  4. in Electron Cash, select New Wallet, Use a master Selectkey` and scan the QR code displayed by Yenom.
  5. press next button once and repeat 4 until next button cannot be pressed.

For users of the Android version.

  1. Update Yenom application to the latest version ( Android: 1.1.10 or later) )
  2. start Yenom and transfer the full amount from Yenom to your wallet or virtual currency exchange.

Detailed instructions for using Electron Cash in the iOS version

Electron Cash for iOS.

  1. select New wallet Select "Use a master key".
  2. scan the QR code of the private key displayed in Yenom from the read button on the upper right.
  3. import after reading, and enter your name and password

Electron Cash for Android.

  1. select New wallet
  2. select Use a master key and enter your name and password
  3. scan the QR code of the private key displayed in Yenom
f:id:takaokazumasa:20200627185319p:plain f:id:takaokazumasa:20200627185307p:plain f:id:takaokazumasa:20200627185252p:plain